Ninebot – Segway Minipro Review

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ninebot segway miniproNinebot – Segway Minipro Review

A Segway Minipro review, could be one of the reasons that you’ve landed here, or it could be that you’re looking to buy the Ninebot Minipro. If that’s the case, then go directly to Amazon, here, and make your purchase. If you still need more information, then keep reading, as you have arrived at a full review of the Ninebot minipro. 

One other thing to note, is the versatility of the unit. The minipro falls under the category of an EPAMD. Electric Personal Assistive Mobility Device. We’ll talk more about this in another post.

NOT a Hoverboard

The Ninebot Segway MiniPro is NOT a hoverboard. It is a personal transporter, running on two wheels, is hands-free, and electric powered. The manufacturer says it’s an electric scooter. This personal transporter has much better safety features than previous models in spite of being able to do higher speeds. Somehow, Segway and Ninebot have been able to create a battery life that far outshines earlier models. The minipro is designed to cover all kinds of terrain, and does so comfortably. The Segway minipro is designed to cover all kinds of terrain, and does so comfortably. This has been a very brief overview of this scooter. Let’s get into some of the features…

High Performance 800 Watt Engine

Fantastic technology in the minipro. A high performing dual-motor engine, that can achieve a top speed of, 10/mph, and last for about 14 miles (The maximum battery range per charge, depends on a few factors. How heavy is the rider, how steep is the incline of the terrain you’re riding on, and of course, how fast are you traveling.) 10/mph may not sound like a rocket-ship, but seriously, when you’re scooting along on 2 wheels, you’ll be whizzing by everyone walking…even briskly!

Bluetooth Phone App

The minipro comes equipped with a Bluetooth phone app! Through the app you can control various parts of this ninebot. There’s the LED lights customization, you can update the firmware through the app, and there’s features for antitheft security. There’s a short rider tutorial, that once completed, unlocks all the features. There’s even a remote control mode, where you can move the minipro without having to ride it….all through the app on your phone! It doesn’t get any slicker than that!

Terrain Versatility

The minipro has no problem dealing with indoor terrains (obviously), and outdoor, with ease. The 800 watt, dual-motor power-plant deals with a wide variation of surfaces, and inclines (up to 15°) without giving up the rider’s safety. Much thought and planning went into the ride engineering, utilizing 10.5″ pneumatic tires, and a rugged 3.5″ chassis. This created a shock-resistant ride that swallows up the vibrations, and evens out the bumps (kind of like a Rolls Royce ). A ride second to none, in the world of personal transportation!

Storage and Portable Ready

A frame created from an extremely light, and super-tough magnesium alloy is the reason the minipro only weighs 28 lbs (12.7 kg). This guy is sufficiently compact and light enough to be easily carried, and transported. Remove the knee control bar (easily separated from the frame), and now you have easy storage and portability.

Design Your Fit

Ergonomics were amongst the main considerations in the design of the minipro. Because each rider is not created equal, the knee steering bar is adjustable to different heights. The PU foam that covers the knee control bar pads, ensures that a long ride won’t compromise your comfort, and helps to avoid fatigue. In addition, maneuvering and steering is easily done thanks to the designe of the steering bar, and the special foam covering.

Safety First

We’re sure you’ve heard the stories about certain hoverboards, and transporters randomly bursting into flames. Well, this Ninebot is one of the first personal transporters to be put through all the paces, and meet the standard of fire safety, and electrical safety, as set out by the Underwriters’ Laboratories (UL).

Have a look at this video of the extensive testing the minipro undergoes!

Customer Input

After going through several customer reviews, it’s apparent that this transporter is designed for ease of use. One doesn’t have to spend days learning how to use it, or to get used to it. Riding it is actually relaxing and calming. Riders say they can go for miles and miles, without experiencing any fatigue, unlike many other scooters.

The Minipro knows when you’re standing on it, thanks to the foot placement sensors. There’s also another sensor that detects when the unit is lifted off the ground. This way the wheels won’t spin for no reason.

Segway Minipro Pros and Cons


  •  Beautiful and well made, high quality construction
  •  An easy scooter to use..quite intuitive in design
  •  Rides like a Caddy…really smooth
  •  Pretty quick ride. Good power
  •  The app is simple to use. Small learning curve.
  •  There’s a Bluetooth remote control…very handy


  •  At 28 lbs, it’s heavier than previous generation hoverboards
  •  It’s not the cheapest scooter out there, but…you get what you pay for


Overall, there isn’t much to complain about with Ninebot Segway Mini Pro. Such a well-balanced scooter, in terms of comfort, features and price. There are other personal transporters available, but none quite like the minipro. If you’re serious about the minipro, then you have to go to the Amazon site, and check out the reviews. At time of writing there are 331 reviews available to look at, with an average of 4.5 stars (5 is the highest stars available). So, we know that most buyers are very pleased with the unit, and have recommended it to others.




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